About Momentum

Momentum Advisory Services is a small consulting practice that ethically and discretely assists its clients achieve their objectives with economic and land development, public-private partnerships, public affairs strategy, government procurement opportunities, transportation, special districts and utility agencies. Our comfort zone is where the public and private sectors intersect.

The company founder, Trey Jacobson, has a 30-year career working for and interacting with Texas local governments, including municipal utilities. He has personally been involved in economic and land development projects, in excess of $1 billion in direct investment. In addition to hundreds of specific projects, Trey served as an advisor to two mayors, and has extensive familiarity with both municipal politics and policy.

“Often the only difference between winning
and losing is momentum.”

– John C. Maxwell

Current & Past Clients

  • Affordable Housing Developers
  • Arts-Oriented Non-profits
  • Charitable Trust
  • Charter School
  • Fortune 50 Corporation
  • Japanese Manufacturer
  • Large Regional Grocery Company
  • Large Regional Hospital Entity
  • Local Neighborhood Associations
  • Logistics/Warehouse Companies
  • Multi-family Owners/Developers
  • Museums
  • Office Building Owner/Developers
  • Physicians and Dentists
  • Religious Orders
  • Restaurant Owners/Developers
  • Retail Owners/Developers
  • Single-family Home Developers
  • Solar Energy Providers
  • Texas Municipalities
  • Texas-Based Brewery

How we can help your business gain momentum

Client Representation

Code Review

Community Reinvestment Strategy

Community Relations

Corporate Site Selection

Downtown Development

Economic Development Strategy

Economic Incentives

Infrastructure Funding/Development

Land Entitlements

Land Policies and Reviews


Non-Profit Board Representations

Political Communication Strategy

Project Tax Analysis

Public Affairs

Public-Private Partnerships

Strategy Development

Zoning Changes



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